About Us


    all me is all about attitude being bold and daring and inspiring to make your mark on the world. all me is not only about being a team player yet being the glue that holds the team together.

    Established in Atlanta, Georgia we have our eyes set on the world bringing the world together one stitch at a time. Our ride is just beginning so follow us as we set out to make our mark. Watch us organically grow to become the name you love and respect.

    We are true disruptors by every since of the word and believe in working hard and playing hard. We are non conforming and love to have fun.

    You are truly unique just as there are no two snowflakes the same there is only one you. Raise the bar, set standards, re-write the narrative, achieve greatness and put your personal stamp on the world.

    For all of you there is all me...




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